Zinc Finger

Zinc Finger

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About Zinc Finger:

With over forty types of zinc finger but one on its own does not bind tightly because it can only recognize two or three base pairs. Whereas when more come together and create a larger bind they can read longer DNA sequences. They will often sit within one another to connect like a sort of a jigsaw puzzle to become more powerful. Linking up zinc fingers together in a certain way will allow them to read any sequence that we decide. These are encoded by genes such as AZGP1, ZCCHC17, RCHY1.

Zinc Finger Function
Genes are targeted with zinc finger nucleases and can change DNA. They are two man-made molecules protein and zinc that fuse zinc fingers and DNA enzymes. Every zinc finger nuclease contains from three to six fingers which has DNA domains that can break DNA by enzymes such as Fokl.

Zinc Finger Mechanism
The DNA sequences are liable to change with matching zinc finger nucleases. Both strands of the DNA on the double helix will link together with a DNA Binding domain. Cells have the ability to fix any broken DNA strands by using specific DNAs that are designed to repair them. When overly short DNA sequences occur it will need to be removed or moved to be analyzed due to the effect it gives on the target gene. A short DNA will be below 3. Regularly it will consist of at least nine base pairs, these can be changed using around three zinc fingers. Any species of DNA can be changed using zinc fingers.