Can I use ProSpec’s protein in/on Humans?

Our proteins are intended strictly for research and laboratory purposes only and they cannot be used in and/or on humans in any way or form.

I am facing difficulties ordering online with credit card, can you assist?

You can send us the order by email to and include: shipping address, cat#, # of vials, protein name, price and credit card form. You can download the credit card authorization form by clicking this link CC form

Do you have MSDS for your products to send me by email?:

Yes, we have a general one for all proteins. You can download by clicking this link MSDS

Can you please send me your W-9 form?

ProSpec is a foreign entity and therefore we provide a W-8BEN-E form.
Non U.S. companies do not obtain ITIN #, SSN # or EIN #. You can download by clicking this link W-8BEN-E

Do you accept electronic wire transfers?

We do. You can download our bank details by clicking this link Bank Details

Do you accept Purchase Orders?

We accept purchase orders (30 days payment terms) by email to or by fax to
U.S.A: 1-866-796-4944 | International: +972-8-9460534

What is the expiry date?

The protein is stable for at least 12 months from the date of its export at the mentioned storage conditions prior to its reconstitution.

How long is the protein stable after reconstitution?

We do not obtain stability data after the protein has been reconstituted over different periods of time.
We highly recommend adding a carrier protein such as albumin.

What is the biological activity? Have you tested the protein in cell culture (in vitro)?

If there is no biological activity section mentioned in our data sheet it means that we have not assessed the bio-functionality of the protein to date, so trial and error is our best recommendation, you can order our smallest vial which usually runs at $50 and test to see if it does work in your assay, it might be worthwhile…..

Do you test your protein in animal models (in vivo)?

We do not test our protein in-vivo. You can order our smallest vial which usually runs at $50 and test.

Are your proteins Animal free? Do you have an animal free certificate?

Our e.coli bacterial derived recombinant proteins are produced using animal component/reagent free though we do not issue formal certificates as our products are produced under non GMP/GLP/ISO regulations and are intended for research and laboratory bench work only.

What is the endotoxin level/LPS level of the protein?

Proteins that have a biological activity section mentioned in our data sheet were tested for the LPS levels and they can be used in cell culture / in-vitro experiments. If there is no biological activity mentioned, you need to assess the final endotoxin levels in the protein sample prior to the experiment.
We recommend to order our smallest vial which usually runs at $50 and test.

Where are your proteins shipped from?

Our products are shipped from our Israeli headquarters via courier 24-48hr delivery service to U.S.A & W. Europe & 72-96hr to Asia, Far East, E. Europe and S. America. We do not export on Fridays.

Can I receive a discounts off the retail published prices?

Send an email to and our sales representative will revert within 12 hours.

Can you send me a free vial for testing?

We do not ship free vials due to our production expenses.
You can order our smallest vial which usually runs $50 and test. Our proteins fully comply to the provided data sheet.

Can you please send me the COA (certificate of analysis) for your product?

We do not supply COA for our products but a data sheet to which our protein fully complies to.

Do you obtain further information about your product?

All the information regarding the product is published in our Data Sheet.

Are you products produced under GMP/ISO regulations?

Our proteins are not produced under non GMP/GLP or ISO regulations as they are intended strictly for research & laboratory bench work only.

What is the country of Origin?

Our various proteins are produced at 7 production facilities worldwide and dispatched from our Israeli warehouse, therefore we do not state the origin.

I cannot physically visualize powder in the vial, is protein present in the vial?

Please centrifuge vial prior to opening to ensure the product is not near the cap. One cannot asses presence of a protein by naked the eye visualization. We lyophilize our proteins using minor buffer concentrations therefore one cannot visualize the protein in the vial. The protein is present in the vial and is spread across the vial walls.

Do you have references for your products?

We are currently gathering information from our scientists and some proteins do have references published in the data sheet. We highly recommend for you to search the protein name and our company name in Google scholar to find the relevant publication.

I have paid ProSpec for shipping but received a charge from FedEx/DHL, why?

You have received an invoice from FedEx/DHL for Duties and Taxes at the country of destination. Local customs can decide on the amount of duties & taxes considering the value of the shipment imported. Buyers are legally liable for duties and taxes at the country of destination.

Your datasheet states the biological activity as an ED50. What is the Specific Activity?

The ED50 is an expression of activity at 50% of its maximum response. Specific activity is just another way of conveying the activity of the protein. To calculate a specific activity, divide 1,000,000 by the ED50 in ng/ml. Specific Activity (Units/mg) = 1,000,000 / ED50 (ng/ml)

I want to try to do an experiment with your protein, but the bioassay you use for determining activity is not the same as my application. Will my application work with your protein?

Our products are used for many different purposes, so it would be impossible to predict every possible application. Our standard bioassay is used to confirm an accepted activity level for the product. Our proteins can be used at a broad concentration range, in many different applications, thus, it is the scientist’s responsibility to determine the concentrations that work best for their specific assays.

How are your proteins compared to another company's protein?

Our proteins fully complt to our data sheet. We do not compare them to other manufacturers We can recommend to you can order size-a which usually runs at $50 and compare....

How do I reconstitute or dilute the protein?

If the protein is lyophilized you should use our reconstitution recommendations in the data sheet provided. If the protein is liquid form, we recommend to further dilute the protein using the same formulation as published in our data sheet.

What is your DUNS number?