Dr. Tanchum (Tany)

20.7.1947 - 28.2.2000

Main interest & research was primarily in the field of Protein Biochemistry

      • 20.07.1947

        Born in Haifa Israel

      • 1971-1974

        B.Sc Chemistry at Tel-Aviv University

      • 1974-1977

        M.Sc at Laboratory of Applied Enzymology - Department of Biophysics Weizmann Institute, Supervisor: Prof. Zvi Bohak.

      • 1978-1983

        Ph.D at Chemical, Biological and Clinical Studies of Modulatory Peptides, Weizmann Institute, Supervisor: Prof. Matityahu (Mati) Fridkin.

      • 1983-1985

        Postdoc at UCSD San-Diego California.

      • 1987-1990

        Glaxo Welcome, Research Triangle Park, N.C. USA

      • 1990-1991

        Biotechnology General Ltd., Weizmann Science Park, Rehovot Israel

      • 1991-1997

        Founded ReProGen Ltd., focus on bulk production and purification of recombinant cytokines and chemokines from bacterial system.

      • 1997-2000

        Founded ProSpec-TechnoGene Ltd., focus on production of various recombinant proteins for academic and life science research.


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United States Patent 5434135 :

The invention in growth factor compositions includes: a novel compound which is a separate pure nicked or pure non-nicked species of epidermal growth factor EGF1-48 or its hEGF1-47 or hEGF1-49 congener compound, or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof; a pharmaceutical composition in dosage form comprising an effective amount of the novel compound and/or the known hEGF1-53; and use thereof for treating abnormal cell growth conditions including gastrointestinal/duodenal lesions; and methods of making the pure novel hEGF species. This unique therapeutic utility is enhanced by the unexpected and heretofore unappreciated structural stability and resistance of the pure species to enzymatic degradation, Filed on 1993-01-25.