U6 Small Nuclear RNA

U6 Small Nuclear RNA

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About LSM / U6 Small Nuclear RNA:

Small Nuclear RNA is a category of Small RNA molecules located within the splicing speckles and the Cajal bodies of the cell nucleus in all eukaryotic animals. On the other hand, the U6 Small Nuclear RNA is the nucleolar snRNA element of small nuclear ribonucleoprotein. The U6 snRNA, also known as LSM, is an RNA- Protein compound that combines with other small nuclear ribonucleoproteins, unmodified precursor messenger RNA, also known as pre-mRNA, plus other proteins to gather a spliceosome. A spliceosome is a big RNA- protein molecular compound that plays a significant role in catalyzing the excision of introns from pre-mRNA.

LSM Structure
The U6 small nuclear RNA is made of many protein elements. And apart from that, this spliceosome has five uridine-rich small nuclear RNA that go through an elaborate series of conformational transitions to accurately identify the splice sites and catalyze intron removal.
In the mammalian cells, there are six main molecular species that are filled with proteins, creating small nuclear ribonucleoprotein molecules in precursor messenger RNA splicing as part of the spliceosome.

U6 Small Nuclear RNA Interactions
According to many years of genetic and biochemical data, this protein forms most of the catalytic core of the spliceosome and is highly dynamic. It interacts with three small nuclear RNAs, namely the precursor messenger RNA substrate and more than twenty-five more protein partners during the splicing cycle.

LSM Function
The U6 small nuclear RNA is vital for and might participate in the catalysis of precursor messenger RNA splicing. Some nucleotides needed for U6 function and spicing have been identified in numerous mutation analyses in many systems.