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About Trypsin:

Trypsin is an enzyme (protein) that speeds up digestion. The enzyme is found in the small intestines. Trypsin is also found in various bacteria, fungus, and plants. However, it can be manufactured commercially from the animal pancreas.

Trypsin Function
Since trypsin aids digestion, it is given to people with inadequate digestion enzymes. It can also be applied together with rutin and bromelain to treat osteoarthritis and other medical conditions. However, there is no sufficient scientific evidence that supports this usage. Some people use trypsin in wounds and ulcer areas to improve the healing process by removing dead cells.

Trypsin Benefits
Trypsin is used to treat various medical conditions, such as diabetes, different types of cancer, allergies, infections, and digestive disorder.

Trypsin side effects
Trypsin is relatively safe when used directly on the skin to clean wounds and speed healing. However, there is a lack of evidence to show that it is safe when ingested. Various studies have shown that trypsin can be used together with other digestive enzymes with no side effects.
Trypsin is generally safe when applied directly to the skin to clean wounds and speed healing. However, it may be accompanied by some side effects, such as irritation and mild pain. On the other hand, there is no enough evidence to prove the safety of this enzyme when taken orally. Trypsin has been used together with other digestive enzymes for clinical tests with no severe side effects. However, it is still unknown if it is safe to take trypsin orally as a single ingredient.