SIX Homeobox

SIX Homeobox

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About SIX Homeobox:

The six homeobox is encoded in the SIX1 gene. It is a protein family group, one that is found in a wide range of living creatures, from small creatures such as flatworms all the way to humans. They’re fundamentally involved in the development of cell populations that eventually contribute to the creation of key features of the human body, including nose, brain, kidney, and more. There are many different elements to the SIX protein family, with the two most notable being SIX1 and SIX6. If these genes mutate, then they can have serious consequences -- for example, researchers have found that there are elevated levels of SIX genes in certain types of cancer, and it can also be present during tumorigenesis. Most of the interactions with these genes have been identified in insects and flies; researchers have seen how it’s involved in the process of the development of the vertebrae and broader insect development. They also play a role in the maintenance of different types of tissues.

SIX Homeobox Interactions
There are some interactions that researchers have noted, too. They have been shown to interact with EYA1, DACH, GRO, and MDFI, among others. They were able to be noted because of advancements in genome biology technology. Studies have shown that they’re involved in the development of at least forty vertebrates, though the true number will be much greater. There are various binding sites that have been observed in studies; they are controlled by six1 and six6, as well as by other genes, including Slc12a2.