SERTA Domain Containing

SERTA Domain Containing

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About SERTAD / SERTA Domain Containing Protein:

SERTA Domain containing protein, also known as SERTAD, is a family of proteins responsible for many interactions within the body that’s only found in humans. These can range across multiple areas, depending on the type of protein, among multiple other factors.

SERTAD1 is perhaps the most prominent of these genes and is involved in several duties. Typically, it acts as a coregulator in multiple areas and helps integrate PHD-driven signals. The gene typically interacts with a few notable chemicals and biological processes.
The most notable of these are:
●CREB-binding protein
●Cyclin-dependant kinase 4.
In almost all of these cases, SERTAD1 helps with transcription regular activity, alongside protein binding. It will also undergo and be involved in several biological processes throughout its lifespan. These are:
●Regulating cell population proliferation
●Regulating RNA polymerase II transcription
●Cyclin-dependant protein regulation

SERTAD2 is another type of the protein typically found only in humans. The gene works relatively similar to SERTAD1, although there are some notable differences. The main similarities are that both are involved in transcription regulation and coactivation, alongside protein binding.
The differences between SERTAD2 and other types are seen in its biological processes. This gene is involved in:
●Negatively affecting cell growth
●Chromatin-mediated maintenance of transcription
SERTAD2 is involved in several other interactions within the body. That includes modulating fat storage. To do this, the gene regulates aspects involved in oxidative metabolism, thermogenesis, and other factors.
With the likes of E2F1-TFDP1 and E2F4-TFDP1 complexes, for instance, it can also act as a corepressor or coactivator.