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About SCG / Secretogranin:

Secretogranin is a member of the granin family of neuroendocrine secretory proteins that are found in a variety of endocrine cells and neurons. Studies on micro and living organisms suggest that grainins act as precursors of hormones, and are able to give rise to autocrine, paracrine and endocrine. It has also been suggested that they are actively involved in the regulation of inflammation, metabolism, pain pathways, blood pressure and mood disorders.

SCG Function
Studies on animals have so far shown that it is involved in producing secretoneurin (an active peptide) that exerts chemotaxic effects on specific cells, however, the full function is still unknown. It has also been found that secretogranin is involved in cataloguing neuropeptides and peptide hormones into secretory vesicles. Secretogranin is generally found at a subcellular level at the end of an amino acid chain, however, specific measurements may differ when samples are taken from different animals.

Secretogranin Interactions
Peptides, enzymes, packing hormones and growth factors all have been shown to heavily rely on members of the granin family, as a mechanism for secretory vesicle formation. Secretogranin and chromogranin are two of these family members, both of which share many properties, including their binding to calcium, the presence of multiple dibasic cleavage sites, acidic isoelectric point (pI) and propensity to form aggregates.