RWD Domain Containing

RWD Domain Containing

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About RWDD / RWD Domain Containing:

RWD domain-containing protein 1 is also known as RWDD or RWDD1 and is sometimes seen expressed as DFRP2. It is a protein found in human beings with a specific function that interacts with many other genes throughout the body. Other names/synonyms for this protein include CGI-24, DFRP2, DRG family-regulatory protein 2, and PTD013.

RWDD Structure
The structure of this protein is as follows:
●Helif in positions 4-18
●Beta strand in positions 20-25
●Beta strand in positions 28-30
●Beta strand in positions 32-35
●Beta strand in positions 49-55
●Turn in positions 60-62
●Beta strand in positions 66-74
●Helix in positions 77-94
●Helix in positions 100-117
●Helix in positions 118-120

RWD Domain Containing Interactions
RWDD is expressed in many different tissues throughout the body, having a variety of interactions as it carries out its main function. Primarily, it is expressed in the calcaneal tendon and over 240 other tissues.

RWDD Function
The key function of RWDD is to protect DRG2 from proteolytic degradation. This is the process by which proteins are broken down into smaller polypeptides or amino acids. DRG2 is a developmentally-regulated G TP-binding protein 2 found in humans. RWDD will interact with this protein as well as interacting with the androgen receptor to fulfill its role.
RWD domain-containing protein also has a hand in different biological processes, including the following: androgen receptor signaling pathway, cell aging, cellular response to oxidative stress, cellular response to testosterone stimulus, and positive regulation of androgen receptor activity.