RNA Binding Motif Protein

RNA Binding Motif Protein

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About RBM / RNA Binding Motif Protein:

RNA-binding motif proteins - often abbreviated to RBM - are proteins that bind to the double or single-stranded RNA in various cells throughout the body. They contain a range of structural motifs, have various functions, and interact with many cells and parts of the body.

RBM Structure
Typically, these proteins are composed of a modular structure with various repeats of a few simple basic domains. As a result, they often have limited sequences. The sequences they do have will be arranged in multiple combinations to provide more diversity. Every basic domain recognizes RNA; however, these proteins will usually need more than one copy of the many common domains to function correctly.

RNA Binding Motif Protein Function & Interactions
RNA-binding motif proteins have various functions and mechanisms all throughout the body's internal system. One key function is the regulatory mechanism of alternative splicing, where different forms of messenger RNAs are generated from the same gene. These proteins function extensively in the regulation of this process.
RBM proteins are also responsible for RNA editing, which is a process that changes the RNA sequence from that encoded by the genome and makes it more diverse.
The process of polyadenylation - the adding of a tail of adenylate residues to an RNA transcript - is also a function of RBM proteins. This process strictly relies on the binding of specific RNA-binding motif proteins.
Recent research has also suggested that many of these proteins are emerging to play a vital role in tumor development. Many forms of cancer are believed to show dysregulated RBM proteins.