Protein Phosphatase

Protein Phosphatase

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About PPP1R / Protein Phosphatase:

A protein phosphatase - also known as PPP1R - is a type of phosphatase enzyme that is able to remove a phosphate group from a phosphorylated amino acid leftover. It is one of the most common types of reversible protein posttranslational modification.
Protein phosphatase control signaling processes in plants, with the ability to disrupt various cellular processes, which can lead to death. The functions within these cells are exceedingly diverse and are also highly regulated. This cell type is considered non-selective, rather than being marked as being selective.

PPP1R Mechanism
Phosphorylation utilizes the transfer of phosphate groups from ATP to the enzyme itself. The energy for this, interestingly, comes from hydrolyzing the ATP and turning it into ADP or AMP.

Protein Phosphatase Interactions
A Protein Phosphatase is a type of enzyme that removes the phosphate group from a protein. This allows the two groups of enzymes to ‘gate keep’ the actions of the proteins within the cell, usually these are a direct response to external stimulus.

PPP1R Structure
When it comes to the structure of Protein Phosphatase, it tends to be ‘promiscuous’ and can evolve and change quickly. There is also an alternative structural classification which suggests that the structure can have around 20 distinct protein folds.