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POU Class

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About POU Class:

POU (pronounced ‘pow’) proteins containing a specific DNA strain are referred to as POU Domains. These domains are made of two independent strands called subdomains. The names of these two subdomains are called POU specific domain and Homeodomain. In certain circumstances, these two strains link their DNA together, however they just normally use protein-protein communication and interaction. All of the POU proteins work towards the development of an organism. However, these types of proteins have been found in humans, mammals and fish but not plants or fungi.

POU Function
POU protein is created by humans and is required in the POU5F1 gene. The purpose of this protein is to aid in the multiplication of essential stem cells. Stem cells are used in the regeneration of the whole body and are what we need to continue producing healthy cells. Stem cells can also be transplanted into others to combat certain cancers and blood diseases, making this type of protein critical to human existence. Alongside genes, the protein is involved with the control and development of the central nervous system (CNS) in mammals, the creation and regulation of immunoglobulin and prolactin and growth hormones. All of these factors are important to the development of organisms.

POU Identification
The protein is identified by certain characteristics such as:
Adaptable communications with amino acids, changing in orientation, spacing and positioning of the subdomains to optimize communication within the cells, subdomain communication between both strains, interactions with other regulatory protein and DNA strains.