Pim Oncogene

Pim Oncogene

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About PIM / Pim Oncogene:

Pim Oncogene or Pim-1 is a proto-oncogene located on chromosome 6 and has 94-97% amino acid identity. Pim-1 was first discovered in the identification and relation to cancers. It is found to be present in prostate cancer, acute myeloid leukemia and other blood-borne diseases. The gene has also been associated with lung cancer in Korean patients and is more recently found in large cell lymphomas.

PIM Function
Recent scientific progress has been made in understanding the development of Pim signaling and treatment for cancers. Due to the number of oncogenes present, pharmaceuticals are looking to target these types of genes with specific, sensitive drugs with specific toxicity profiles. The inhibitors that can be released by Pim-1 have been discussed as being a treatment that can be used for Alzheimer’s disease which would be a huge breakthrough in treatment options.

Pim Oncogene Mechanism
The presence of Pim-1 is seen excessively in blood deficiencies and illnesses, which is directly linked to higher MYC levels. An elevated number of Pim kinases is seen as a positive potential outcome from individuals with solid cancer, such as prostate cancer, but is seen as a negative potential outcome for others and most blood illnesses. Pim kinases also help to reduce the amount of cell deterioration through signaling. Some studies suggest Pim-1 have negative effects on natural metabolism rates.