PIH1 Domain Containing

PIH1 Domain Containing

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About PIH1D / PIH1 Domain Containing:

PIH1 Domain Containing 1 or PIH1 is found within genetics as being involved with protein-coding and the assembly of C/D box small nucleolar ribonucleoprotein particles. It is a component of the R2TP complex with interacts with Hsp90 to create large complex protein structures. PIH1 Domain is made from different structures including Kintoun. Kintoun is needed for the prior assembly of axonemal dyneins.

PIH1 Domain Components
-Part of R2TP complex
-Active in the cytoplasm
-Located in the cytoplasm
-Located in the nucleolus
-Part of the pre-snoRNP complex
-Part of the ribonucleoprotein complex

PIH1D Homology
-Geneology is found in chimpanzees, Rhesus monkeys, dogs, cows, mice, rats, zebrafish, fruit flies, frogs and homo sapiens.
-294 organisms have been shown to have similarities with the human gene P1H1D1

PIH1 Domain Containing Function
-Enables ATPase binding
-Enables RNA polymerase I core promoter sequence-specific DNA binding
-Enables histone binding
-Enables phosphoprotein binding
-Enables protein binding
-Enables protein kinase binding

PIH1D Process
-Involved in the creation of RNA polymerase I preinitiation complex
-Involved in the creation of box C/D snoRNP
-Involved in the remaking and remodelling of chromatin
-Involved in being able to differentiate epithelial cells
-Involved in the establishment of protein localization to chromatin
-Involved in negative regulation of cysteine-type endopeptidase activity
-Involved in apoptotic signalling pathways
-Involved in negative regulation of specific histones
-Involved in the positive regulation of hormone and cell signalling and communication