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About PTX / Pentraxin Protein:

Pentraxin Protein, PTX, is a protein made by the human body. It has many roles in the immune system as well as other areas of the body.

PTX Mechanism
PTX is a member of the pentraxin family, and it binds to lipids. It also has many other functions in the body, including:
●The production or breakdown of fibrinogen
●Involvement with complement activation
●Role in inflammatory reactions

Pentraxin Functions
Pentraxin Protein, PTX, has many functions in the human body outside of its role as a part of the immune system.
Fibrinogen's production or breakdown by the liver turns into fibrin when it binds to platelets. The PTX protein plays a vital role in this process because it activates coagulation factors V and VII.
PTX also helps to activate coagulation factor XIII, which is vital for cross-linking of the fibrin strands.
Involvement with complement activation: The body activates complements by some different proteins, including proteases and serpins such as C-reactive protein or c-αI-antitrypsin.
PTX acts as the cofactor that helps to activate complement by binding these proteins and initiating a "complement activation."
Role in inflammatory reactions: PTX also plays a role in the body's response to inflammation. It may inhibit cytokine production by binding specifically to IL-18.

PTX Interactions
PTX is involved in many other functions that are not related to the immune system. For example, it interacts with receptors for blood clotting and proteins linked to inflammation and activation of complement.