PDZ Domain Containing

PDZ Domain Containing

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About PDZ Domain Containing:

PDZ domain is a structure of amino acids that are found in bacteria, yeast and animals among others. These PDZ domains are crucially needed for cell-cell communication. PDZ domains are found in all living animals in differing quantities. In mice, for example, 928 PDZ domains have been discovered, which in comparison to humans is a relatively small number. Research into PDZ domains can give much needed and important insights into relatively unknown biological processes. PDZ scaffold proteins exist at molecular levels and are impertinent for controlling cell-cell signaling at any space and time.

PDZ Domain Containing Function
PDZ domains are specifically and carefully created to be encoded for specific responses, these responses are reported to change over time to work directly for lipid scaffolding.

PDZ Domain Containing Mechanism
These domains are aware of short C-terminal peptide motifs and can also understand the internal sequences of a terminus. Therefore, these types of domains can be used to bind target proteins or to branch into several different networks. Binding is shown to be a slow process, however remains to have a high level of strength when connecting to other lipids. The PDZ domain is found within signaling proteins which are important within the role of supramolecular signaling complexes. There is working thought that PDZ domains are in abundance, with each strain resulting in direct cellular processing and signaling for specific reasoning.
Scientific belief is that PDZ domains have evolved to support the increasing signaling requirements of all multicellular organisms. Opening a pathway to new scientific discoveries and findings.