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About Otoraplin [ OTOR ]:

Otoraplin is a secreted cytokine, which is produced by the OTOR gene. It is a member of the MIA/OTAR family, which also comprises of melanoma inhibitory activity protein 3 (MIA3). As this association may suggest, Otoraplin has a role to place in the treatment of melanoma cancers. It is worth noting that the terms Otoraplin and OTOR are often used interchangeably. For clarity, we will continue to use OTOR to refer to the gene, and Otorapolin as a reference to the secreted protein.

Studies have shown that Otoraplin inhibits melanoma by promoting “suicide gene therapy” in malignant melanoma. Essentially, this means that OTOR and Otoraplin encourage malignancies to commit a form of suicide rather than continuing to grow, which can prove to be an effective treatment for potentially life-threatening cancers.
Outside of its potential as a melanoma treatment, Otoraplin has been connected with various other functions:

● Otoraplin is believed to also function in the development and maintenance of cartilage throughout the human body, though more research is needed in this area to see if there are potentially therapeutic benefits from this.
● Otoraplin appears to be involved in the early chondrogenesis of the otic capsule. The otic capsule is an essential part of inner ear development and auditory function.
● Finally, Otoraplin acts as a regulator of cell migration. At lower concentrations of the protein, cell migration is simulated. At higher concentrations of Otoraplin, cell migration is retarded. At the time of writing, while known, this function’s capabilities have yet to be fully explored.

Although study on the subject has been limited, it is believed that a polymorphism within the structure of the OTOR gene can abolish gene translation. There is some evidence that as OTOR, and Otoraplin, are so closely involved with the development of the inner ear, any mutation or interruption may result in deafness. Further examination of this is required.

Thoughts For The Future
As the above clearly show, the potential of Otoraplin has yet to be fully explored. Much is known about the potential, but there have been few definitive conclusions outside of the connection with melanoma.
Studies into the potential applications are ongoing, and there is general consensus that the possibilities presented by Otoraplin have yet to be fully understood. The future seems to be bright for this little-known protein. While not as well-known as some proteins, there is no doubt that there is much promise to be found in what Otoraplin may have to offer the medical profession and scientific advancements. While knowledge on Otoraplin may currently be less extensive than is ideal, it has already shown marked potential for the treatment and management of melanoma cases.

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