NTF2-like Export Factor

NTF2-like Export Factor

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About NXT / NTF2-like Export Factor:

NFT2-like export factor 1 is encoded by the NXT1 gene in humans. The protein itself is found within the nuclear envelope, and it is similar to nuclear transport factor 2. The function of NFT2-like export factors is to be a nuclear export factor for the pathways dependent on ras-related nuclear protein (RAN) and CRM1 (which is needed for the maintenance of specific chromosome regions).

NXT Mechanism
Interestingly, when it comes to the utility of NFT2-like export factor, studies have shown that it stimulates the export of U1 snRNA in RAN- and CRM1-dependent pathways and the export of tRNA and mRNA in a CRM1-independent pathway. It may also enhance the ability of Tap protein to assist with nuclear mRNA export, thanks to the encoded protein heterodimerizes within it. It has been established that alternative polyadenylation sites have been discovered for this specific gene.

NTF2-like Export Factor Function
NXF1-like members of the nuclear export Factor (NXF) family coordinate bulk nuclear export of mRNA, whereas functionally different NXF variant proteins regulate substrate and tissue-specific RNA. At least one NXF1-like gene and one or more NXF variant genes are found in metazoan organisms. Heterodimerization of both proteins with the NTF2-related export protein (NXT) is essential for NXF family function, but the specificity and method of heterodimerization remain unknown due to the large number of NXF/NXT complexes.
Contacts critical for NXF/NXT heterodimer stability and specificity have been discovered, including a possible phosphoregulation site. The ceNXF2 NTF2 domain contains at least two nucleoporin (Nup) binding pockets required for ceNXF2/ceNXT1 colocalization at the nuclear envelope. Surprisingly, one Nup binding pocket forms at the heterodimer interface of the ceNXF2/ceNXT1 complex, indicating that NXT binding affects NXF function directly.