Nescient Helix Loop Helix

Nescient Helix Loop Helix

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About NHLH / Nescient Helix Loop Helix:

Nescient Helix Loop Helix Protein, aka NHLH, is a gene responsible for protein coding. It is a family of putative transcription factors, some of which have been identified as a crucial component of growing and developing tissues and species.

NHLH Mechanism
NHLH is involved in cell differentiation and contributes to developing the nervous system, allowing it to grow from the early formation stages until it reaches the mature structure. This is clear evidence that NHLH is a crucial element in coordinating everyday function and why it plays a significant part in helping tissues and species develop.
Despite this, as many as four members of the NHLH family have been linked to tumorigenesis through involvement in chromosomal translocation identified within lymphoid tumors.

Nescient Helix Loop Helix Interactions
The Nescient Helix Loop Helix protein interacts with CSRP3, LMO1, LMO2, and LMO4, among other genes. This occurs due to NHL's DNA binding properties, which are absent in some of the genes with which it interacts.

NHLH Function
NHLH may perform as a binding protein for DNA and play a part in cell-type determination, especially with the nervous system.
Besides this, it performs other functions that include RNA polymerization, enables protein binding and protein dimerization activity, and enables sequence-specific double-stranded DNA binding.

Nescient Helix Loop Helix Structure
The NHLH gene is found in humans, but it is also conserved in other mammals. These include chimpanzees, Rhesus monkeys, dogs, and cows. The gene is not restricted to mammals, however, and it is also present in chickens and frogs. In all, there are over 250 organisms that contain orthologs housing the human gene NHLH.