N-Myc Downstream Regulated

N-Myc Downstream Regulated

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About NDRG / N-Myc Downstream Regulated:

The N-Myc downstream regulated gene (otherwise known as NDRG) has four proteins within its family – these are known as NDRG1-4. Even though evolution has changed much, no matter which way you turn or what you are studying, these proteins seem little changed by it, and so we can be relatively sure about them. There are some exciting developments in the studies of this gene, and there are many theories as to what they can actually do.

NDRG Function
The very first member of the NDRG family was so called due to its manifestation being suppressed by the proto-oncogenes MYC and MYCN. When more family members were discovered, they could be linked to this initial finding due to the characterization of the α/β hydrolase-fold motif. Of course, studies are ongoing, and this means that the exact cellular and even molecular makeup and function of each of the four members of the NDRG1-4 group is yet to be established.

N-Myc Downstream Regulated Mutations
Despite this, there is some evidence to show that mutations within the N-Myc downstream regulated gene are linked with a variety of electrophysiological and neurological syndromes. As well as this, there have been unusual demonstrations of tumor suppression and other functions that work against carcinogenesis, including cell proliferation, migrations, stress response, and invasion. It is essential to consider the NDRG family in terms of potential clinical application to do this; it could be a significant breakthrough in determining how to treat some cancers. Studies are ongoing into this and other potential applications for N-Myc downstream regulated genes.