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About MX / Myxovirus:

Myxovirus is any group of RNA viruses which includes the influenza virus.

MX Structure
Paramyxoviridae consist of human and animal parainfluenza viruses. This includes the parainfluenza types 1-4, mumps and potential measles as well. Because myxoviruses are a group of viruses, there is no set structure to it. However, the myxovirus resistance protein A revlease that there are intra and intermolecular domain interactions, these are required for the antiviral function to take place
Paramyxoviridae are a group of negative strand RNA viruses in the order mononegavirales. This group has four subfamilies, 17 genera and 78 species, three of which are unassigned to a subfamily.
Myxovirus is also known to have a helical envelope which is one of the things that is known to link the group. They are also ether sensitive.

Myxovirus Function
Myxoviruses can be separated into two different categories, and these are paramyxoviridae and orthomyxoviruses. The latter makes up the influenza group, which is then divided into three more categories, A, B and, C. Influenza A has a large number of antigenic subtypes and occurs in other animals such as pigs and birds, whereas B and C are only present in humans.
Orthomyxoviruses produce diseases of the respiratory tract more often than not.

MX Interaction
Not much is known about the interaction of myxovirus but the diseases caused are not seen as neurotrophic or CNS related generally. Though this is the case, some diseases such as mumps and measles are related to these conditions,