IL17E Antibody

IL17E Antibody

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  • IL17E Antibody

  • Interleukin 17E, Mouse Anti Human
  • ANT-048
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IL-25, IL-17E, IL17E, IL25, Interleukin-25.


Mouse Anti Human Monoclonal.


IL-25 also called IL-17E cytokine has a sequence similarity with IL17.
IL-17E indluces NF-kappaB activation, and stimulates the production of IL-8. IL17E and IL17B are ligands for the cytokine receptor IL17BR. IL-25 is a proinflammatory cytokine favoring Th2-type immune response. The upregulation of costimulation-induced IL-17E receptors and release of cytokines and chemokines from IL-17E treated costimulated Th cells are differentially regulated by intracellular JNK, p38 MAPK and NF-kappaB activity. Blocking Iinterleukin-25 prevents airway hyperresponsiveness, a critical feature of clinical asthma. IL25 produced by innate effector eosinophils and basophils increase the allergic inflammation by enhancing the maintenance and functions of TSLP-DC activated adaptive Th2 memory cells. Over expression of IL-25 up-regulates gene expression of Th2 cytokines and induces growth retardation, jaundice, and multiorgan inflammation in a transgenic mouse model. IL-25 contributes to the induction and maintenance of eosinophilic inflammation by acting on lung fibroblasts which supports the fact that IL-17E is an important factor in asthma pathophysiology. IL-17E operates by amplifying TH2 cell-mediated allergic airway inflammation but doesn’t induce allergic inflammation in vivo.




r.Human IL-17E

Ig Subclass

mouse IgG2a.

Purification Method

Protein A.


1mg/ml in PBS (after reconstitution).

Shipping Conditions

Antibody is shipped lyophilized at ambient temperature.

Storage Procedures

In lyophilized form, for long periods, store at 4°C in a dry environment. After reconstitution,
if not intended for use within a month, aliquot and store at -20°C.


Reconstitute with H20. Mix gently, wash the sides of the vial and wait 30-60 seconds before use.


Direct ELISA, Immuneprecipitation, immunohistochemistry.


By direct ELISA, 1:10,000 dilution will yield >1.0 O.D using alkaline phosphatase conjugated rabbit anti-mouse Ig (Jackson Laboratories).

Safety Data Sheet


ProSpec's products are furnished for LABORATORY RESEARCH USE ONLY. The product may not be used as drugs, agricultural or pesticidal products, food additives or household chemicals.
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