HSV-1 gD (84-175)

HSV-1 gD (84-175)

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  • HSV-1 gD (84-175)

  • Herpes Simplex Virus-1 gD (84-175 a.a.) Recombinant
  • HSV-231
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Receptors across the cell membrane interact with some viral glycoproteins therefor enabling HSV to enter the host cell. The HSV enter through pores created by the binding of particular receptors across the cell membrane with the virus's coating envelope, following by a fusion of the HSV and the host cell.  HSV enters the host cell through the same mechanism and stages as other viruses do. Initially, matching receptors across the virus's envelope and host cell's membrane interacts and bring the two together. During the transitional stage, begins fusion between the host cell and virus (hemifusion state). The closing stage happens when a steady pore was made; through these pores the virus's particles enter the cell.  


The E.Coli derived recombinant protein contains the HSV-1 gD (84-175)  immunodominant region.


Escherichia Coli.


Protein is >95% pure as determined by SDS-PAGE 

Physical Appearance

Sterile Filtered clear solution.


0.1 % SDS, 50% glycerol and 100 mM NaCl.


HSV-1 gD although stable at 4°C for 1 week, should be stored below -18°C.

Please prevent freeze thaw cycles.

Safety Data Sheet


ProSpec's products are furnished for LABORATORY RESEARCH USE ONLY. The product may not be used as drugs, agricultural or pesticidal products, food additives or household chemicals.
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