Hematological And Neurological Expressed

Hematological And Neurological Expressed

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About HN1 / Hematological And Neurological Expressed:

Hematological and neurological (HN1) expressed protein is a protein found in humans and other organisms that is encoded by the HN1 gene. The JPT1 gene / cDNA is a protein coding gene found in around 235 different organisms, including chimpanzees, dog, cow, mouse, rat, chicken, monkey, and frog. Looking at the functionality and makeup of this protein is important for helping us figure out the role it plays in the body, and what makes it so essential. HN1 protein expression tissue specificity is expressed in skeletal muscle, prostate, colon, brain, placenta, and more.

HN1 Function
It plays a role in cell growth, and is known to function by modulating negatively AKT-mediated GSK3B signalling. It induces Ser-33 degradation and phosphorylation through the suppression of Ser-9 phosphorylation of GSK3B. It also plays an important role in regulating cell cycles and cell adhesion. The protein works by inhibiting the AR-signalling pathways via the induction of receptor proteasomal degradation.

Hematological And Neurological Expressed Antibodies
HN1 has 2 distinct antibodies, and they are validated in multiple tissues, with various different applications. ELISA is one such application, for which there are also 2 HN1 antibodies, and some of these are found/produced in rabbits and mice.