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About Sonic Hedgehog Protein:

The term “Sonic Hedgehog” is more commonly associated with a video game, but the term has another meaning when discussed in the genealogy field. A gene responsible for various aspects of the human body -- such as separating the right side of the brain from the left -- was named “Sonic Hedgehog” as its official classification. The name has further been extended to the production of a protein that bears the same name. The protein is often referred to as SHH.

The Sonic Hedgehog protein plays a vital role in embryonic development. It is a chemical signal between cells that ensures the formation of vasculature and that organs, limbs, and tissues are grown in the correct places in the body.
The protein is essentially a guide for where everything should go, sending signals to the developing embryo to ensure that development is accurate and adequate for functional life.
SSH protein has also been found to be reactivated during adult life, especially during repair processes required for tissue regeneration.

The function of the Sonic Hedgehog protein cannot be overestimated; this is the protein that, ultimately, signals an embryo on its developmental journey. This protein acts as a morphogen, allowing cell types to develop when specific levels of Sonic Hedgehog protein are released. If the protein, and its parent gene, do not function as they should, then the resultant embryo can be damaged in significant ways. Without adequate function of both gene and protein, the embryo will usually fail to develop and die. In cases where children have been carried to term, the lack of adequate signaling from the Sonic Hedgehog protein leads to severe body or facial disfigurement. As well as the right/left brain function, the Sonic Hedgehog protein is also responsible for normal retinal lamination.

The Sonic Hedgehog protein interacts with other proteins involved in the development of embryos. In a sense, it is the controller, determining the order of other proteins and where they develop.

Thoughts For The Future
● Research has indicated that Sonic Hedgehog hormone may have an important role to play in the understanding of neuro-oncology, with specific focus on its potential for tumor suppressant effects.

● It is theorized that Sonic Hedgehog protein may be beneficial in cases of cerebral cortical ischemia and various spinal cord injuries.

● There has been movement in scientific circles to try and change the name of Sonic Hedgehog hormone but the name continues to endure-- for now.

SHH is available from ProSpec in both human and mouse species, along with other Hedgehog proteins such as Desert Hedgehog and Indian Hedgehog. It is available in quantities ranging from 5µg, 25ug, 100ug, 500ug through to 1mg. It is shipped in temperature controlled conditions that are applicable to each variant. If you wish to join the scientific investigations behind this amusingly named, but potentially crucial, protein, then our SHH proteins should more than meet your needs.