HBsAg Recom. Antibody

HBsAg Recom. Antibody

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  • HBsAg Recom. Antibody

  • Hepatitis B virus surface antigen Ck Recombinant Antibody
  • ANT-194
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Antibody Recombinant.


HBsAg is the surface antigenof the Hepatitis-B-Virus (HBV). The capsidof a virus has different surface proteins from the rest of the virus. The antigen is a protein that binds specifically on one of these surface proteins. It is commonly referred to as the Australian Antigen.


HBsAg is a serological marker produced on the surface of the hepatitis B virus and is one of the first disease state markers to be detected in the serum of patients infected with the hepatitis B virus. Recombinant Anti HbsAg produced in E.Coli is a non-glycosylated, polypeptide chain containing an amino-terminal hexahistidine tag and a carboxyterminal kappa constant region tag and having a molecular weight of 43 kDa.
HBsAg is purified by proprietary chromatographic techniques.


Escherichia Coli.

Physical Appearance

Sterile Filtered clear solution.


HBsAg is supplied in 1xPBS pH7.4 & 0.09% azide.


Store at 4°C if entire vial will be used within 2-4 weeks.
Store, frozen at -20°C for longer periods of time. Please avoid freeze thaw cycles.


Greater than 95.0% as determined byAnalysis by RP-HPLC.
Analysis by SDS-PAGE.

Safety Data Sheet


Prospec's products are furnished for LABORATORY RESEARCH USE ONLY. The product may not be used as drugs, agricultural or pesticidal products, food additives or household chemicals.
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