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About GIPC PDZ Domain:

GIPC PDZ domain is a member of the GIPC1 class of genes. It is a protein found in humans and is coded by the GIPC1 gene. The GIPC1 binds to the C-terminus of the RGS-GAIP. This protein helps to regulate the signalling of the G protein. GIPC1 stands for GAIP Interacting Protein C-terminus.
The RGS-GAIP protein is not alone. It interacted with several other proteins within the molecule and was discovered by several groups. As a result, this protein has several names and identifiers. It is known as C19orf3, RGS19IP1 and others. In mammals, the gene is called GIPC, as here it was discovered first. Elsewhere isn't called GIPC1, GIPC2, and GIPC3.

GIPC PDZ Domain Function
There have been three proteins of this type discovered, and they are 60% similar; they have almost identical protein sequences. GIPC1, however, has been known to interact with various other receptors and cytoskeletal proteins, unlike other members of the group. Despite some similarities and differences, the general function of the GIPC proteins seems to mediate interactions in the G protein translocation process.

GIPC PDZ Domain Interactions
Naturally, the GIPC proteins interact with various other proteins to synthesise and relocate gene data. Studies show that GIPC interacts with the melanoma’s protein TRP1 and might facilitate its tracking. But it is unknown if the GIPC affects melanoma biogenesis or melanin pigmentation. The role of GIPC proteins in gene interactions are vital to the translocation of gene data and can influence various gene processes. However, the extent of its influence is still not fully understood.