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About Follistatin:

Recent research studies and theories have suggested that Follistatin protein is invloved in a wide range of  biological functionalities.

Follistatin is an autocrine glycoprotein that is found in the tissues of all mammals, including humans. It acts as an antagonist to Myostatin and activin; growth differentiation factors that are found to inhibit the growth of muscles and the skeleton.
Follistatin is known to be involved in the reproductive process. It is found in both male and female sex organs. It is also part of the process of folliculogenesis, which has led to intriguing hypotheses regarding its role in uterine disorders.

Follistatin is involved in the production of muscle and skeletal tissue. To explain this in more detail, we have to examine the way that Follistatin interacts with other two other proteins in particular.

The reason that Follistatin -- which occurs naturally in the body -- has drawn attention over recent years is due to its potential to help treat muscular disorders. It has also been suggested as beneficial to those wishing to gain muscle mass, such as bodybuilders and weightlifters.
The idea is that Follistatin can inhibit the production and uptake of myostatin and activin A in the human body. These proteins effectively put a “brake” on the ability for the body to produce muscle and skeletal mass; a point at which the human body cannot produce additional gains in these areas. The theory suggests that Follistatin, in its mechanism of inhibiting myostatin and activin A, could allow extra muscle and skeletal strength to be gained by those who need it-- whether their need be in the treatment of illness, injury, or merely for aesthetic benefit.
Recent studies, performed in primates, have shown promise in this area, though more study is needed.
Furthermore, Follistatin has been suggested as a crucial tool for better understanding of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). At the present time, however, this is theoretical only.
Thoughts For The Future

● Although Follistatin shows promise in early studies, its importance in the role of treatment of various conditions is still unknown.

● One of the biggest issues that Follistatin has to overcome is the need for immunosuppressant medications to be used to allow it to function. In those that are already unwell, it is debatable how reasonable this requirement may actually be to service.

● Follistatin has been investigated for its potential to treat Becker Muscular Dystrophy and sporadic inclusive body myositis (sIBM). Clinical trials are ongoing.

Follistatin is available from Prospec in both human and mouse formulations. Both His and SF9 are available, in various increments from 2µg, 10ug, 100ug, 500ug to 1mg, and will be shipped at a suitable temperature for your chosen selection. If you wish to experiment with this follistatin protein, then you will find our follistatin protein suitable for your research needs.