DiGeorge Syndrome Critical Region

DiGeorge Syndrome Critical Region

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About DGCR6 / DiGeorge Syndrome Critical Region:

DiGeorge Syndrome Critical Region is a protein found within humans and the DGCR6 gene encodes it.

DGCR6 Structure
The CATCH 22 syndrome, as well as the DiGeorge syndrome, are both linked with the microdeletions within chromosomal region 22q11.2. This gene product has the same homology as the Drosophila melanogaster gonadal protein, which participates in both the development of germ and gonadal cells.
Also, it forms the laminin molecule with the human laminin gamma-1 chain. This happens as a result of polymerizing with beta- and alpha-chain forms. Laminin will bind to the cells via interacting with the receptor. It has functions in regard to the organization of tissues, migration, and cell attachment while it is developing.

DGCR6 and DiGeorge syndrome
This gene could also be a candidate when it comes to being involved in the DiGeorge syndrome pathology in terms of acting in a neural crest cell migration role into the fourth and third pharyngeal pouches. These are the structures that are created and they surface from the organs that are impacted in DiGeorge syndrome.