CRABP1 Antibody

CRABP1 Antibody

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  • CRABP1 Antibody

  • Cellular Retinoic Acid binding Protein 1, Mouse Anti Human
  • ANT-363
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Cellular retinoic acid-binding protein 1, Cellular retinoic acid-binding protein I, CRABP-I, CRABP1, RBP5, CRABP, CRABPI.


Mouse Anti Human Monoclonal.


CRABP1 is a member of special carrier proteins for members of the vitamin A family. It is believed that CRABP1 has an essential role in retinoic acid-mediated differentiation and proliferation processes. Though, CRABP1 is structurally similar to the cellular retinol-binding proteins, it binds only retinoic acid at specific sites within the nucleus, which may contribute to vitamin A-directed differentiation in epithelial tissue. CRABP1 is constitutively expressed and is thought to have different functions in the cell than the related CRABP2. CRABP1 forms a beta-barrel structure which accommodates hydrophobic ligands in its interior. Loss of CRABP1 function as a result of hypermethylation of its promoter leads to pathogenesis of papillary thyroid carcinoma. Furthermore, frequent methylation-associated silencing of CRABP1 is linked to esophageal squamous-cell carcinoma.




Anti-human CRABP1 mAb is derived from hybridization of mouse F0 myeloma cells with spleen cells from BALB/c mice immunized with recombinant human CRABP1 amino acids 1-137 purified from E. coli.

Ig Subclass

Mouse IgG2b heavy chain and κ light chain.

Purification Method

CRABP1 antibody was purified from mouse ascitic fluids by protein-G affinity chromatography.


1mg/ml containing PBS, pH-7.4, & 0.1% Sodium Azide.

Storage Procedures

For periods up to 1 month store at 4°C, for longer periods of time, store at -20°C. Prevent freeze thaw cycles.

Stability / Shelf Life

12 months at -20°C. 1 month at 4°C.


CRABP1 antibody has been tested by ELISA and Western blot analysis to assure specificity and reactivity. Since application varies, however, each investigation should be titrated by the reagent to obtain optimal results. Recommended dilution range for Western blot analysis is 1:500 ~ 1000. Recommended starting dilution is 1:500.

Safety Data Sheet


ProSpec's products are furnished for LABORATORY RESEARCH USE ONLY. The product may not be used as drugs, agricultural or pesticidal products, food additives or household chemicals.
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