Cell Division Cycle

Cell Division Cycle

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About Cell Division Cycle:

Cell division cycle is a sequence of events that occurs in cells that causes them to divide into daughter cells. This is done by way of DNA replication, and the process of cell division, also called mitosis.

Cell Division Cycle Mechanism and Structure
The mechanics of a cell style involve a 4-step process which involves Gap 1 (G1), synthesis, Gap 2 (G2), and mitosis. There is also a phase known as interphase, which takes place between one mitosis ending and the next one beginning. There is also a step known as the G0 phase, in which cells exiting G1 enter a resting state.

Cell Division Cycle Interaction
When assessing the interaction between cell cycle and cell division it is important to understand their interactions and how this work. The cell cycle, simply put, is the sequence of events and processes that occur as a cell grows and divides, while cell division is the process of the cells partitioning and replicating the genetic material in order to create additional cells, known as daughter cells.

Cell Division Cycle Function
The primary function of the cell division cycle is to make sure of duplicating the huge amounts of DNA in cells, and replicating them into genetically identical daughter cells. The process covers the main phases of the cell cycle, and is the core functionality linked with them.