C-type Lectin Domain

C-type Lectin Domain

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About CLEC / C-type Lectin Domain:

A lectin is a carbohydrate-binding protein that belongs to sugar groups that are a part of other molecules. Lectins are found in many carbohydrate-based foods, such as wheat and other grains, legumes and beans. Some of these foods need to be cooked in a certain way to reduce the lectin content, which can be harmful for humans if consumed uncooked. Some lectins are good for the human body, while others are found in poisonous substances.

CLEC Function
A C-type lectin protein, also known as CLEC, is a type of lectin that needs calcium for binding. C-type lectin domain proteins can help by functioning as adhesion receptors in the immune system, helping the human body to fight viruses and bacteria that could potentially cause harm.

C-type Lectin Domain Mechanism
New mechanisms of sugar binding are constantly being discovered - we don’t know all there is to know about CLEC. Scientists are aware that c-type lectins have roles in signaling and adhesion between cells, but there isn’t much understanding about how this mechanism works yet.