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About BATF / Basic Leucine Zipper Transcription Factor Protein:

BATF is a gene that encodes the bzip transcriptional factor in humans.
The BATF gene has been associated with lymphoma types, hence the heavy research on its function, structure, and mechanism.

BATF Mechanism
BATF is an inhibiting factor of the AF protein group. The bzip is in the Aft/ AP1 transcription factors. These factors significantly influence the immune system that you inherit from your family tree using the different types of T helper cells. Its ability to bind with the DNA either by sequence-specific or transcription factor DNA binding has birthed its solution.
To combat the effects of the BATF2, the JUNB heterodimer combines with the BATF to form complex immune cells. The immune cells then combine to create a regulatory element in the immune system. It controls the differential of the various T cells to maintain their amount in the system.

Basic Leucine Zipper Transcription Factor Function
BATF is used in the evaluation and analysis of the development of the lymphocyte. It utilizes the amount of CD4 cell count in your body by analyzing the results against the average human being's required amount. During the BATF test in mice, T cells' level drastically reduces to almost zero once they are injected with the gene. The B cells in the mice remain intact after the immunization. It has caused doubt and inconclusive tests in the report. Further mice tests are ongoing to determine BATF’s side effects on the B and T cells.